Networking, communication and mobile services play a significant and positive role in economic growth, opportunity and human development.  Khalakom is focused on developing a new generation of services in nascent markets via the affordable access to mobile products. 

Khalakom  focuses on the development and offering of affordable services for “unbanked” communities through the provision of access to reasonably-priced electronic payment processing and interchange services.  Khalakom is building the largest international cash acceptance network (K-pay) from Egypt to India to effectively connect those at the bottom of the economic pyramid with a growing network of mobile payment services. We enable mobile and international top-up services, as well as networked bill payment services, money transfer systems and the integration of online and mobile payments solutions. We will also offer an entire spectrum of financial services from micro-payments to interbank settlements.

Additionally, we facilitate the manufacture and distribution of low-cost, high-value SIM cards. Bundled with service units (minutes and SMS) purchased in partnership with established operators, they are then distributed directly to target markets.

For more detailed information on the specific offerings, please refer to our Services pages.

Connecting Emergent Markets to the Mobile Payment Network

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